What is this 360 degree view that everyone keeps talking about?

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360 degree view, this term is thrown around a lot in the world of enterprise solutions, but what does it actually mean? 

Technically, 360 degrees view = all round unhindered view/vision

This begs the question, how is this applicable to business? Good question, glad you asked, allow me to answer.

360 degree business view, phrase when used in the business, refers to the availability of reliable & empirical data points to enable the decision maker/makers to make as informed decisions as possible.

Time before the “bigger picture”

It has been now a considerable amount of time since businesses have embraced information technology. These soft- ware and hardware solutions together have helped tremendously in the day to operations enabling businesses to access higher levels of profitability. 

All business solutions invariably work on real world information which, as it enters the system, becomes a data point. Historically, we have been interacting with these data points in order to form our perception of the business and attempting to take the best possible decisions. This being said, our foresight and decision making tools are limited by the depth of data points at hand.

Enter the bigger picture, a.k.a “Big Data”

Merriam Webster dictionary defines big data as:

“an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing by traditional database management tools”

More powerful computing devices, advancement in database platforms and the economical accessibility of powerful computing platforms in the form of cloud computing has dramatically reduced the computing power barrier and given rise to big data. Needless to day, the advent of big data in the last decade has forever changed the way we have interacted with information and the way we interact with it.

Businesses and organizations are increasingly leveraging on cutting edge business solutions like Sage X3 and Sage 300 to generate acute data and thanks to the advance data management technology coupled with powerful computing platforms to achieve:

  1. Deep, insightful and long range decision making
  2. Agile supply chain management 
  3. Acute forecasting demand, supplies
  4. Well rounded customer information
  5. Temporal and spatial information about operations
  6. Streamlined manufacturing
  7. Intelligent inventory control

Okay, no that we have grips on this big data, whats next

Agile like a Cheetah or Gazelle, how ever you like it

The more foresight you have the more in tune you are to the events that have higher probability of occurring. This kind of information is critical in order to react to events which have the potential to disrupt the daily operations of business. For example take any manufacturing process, temporal and spatial information helps you to have all the necessary BOM items in stock to ramp up the production either at one location or decide to balance the demand from another production area. The point here is simple, forewarned is forearmed.

Guessing begone

Global competition means that all processes of a business have efficiency as their primary mandate. 360 degree view enables decision makers to design and deploy processes that use resources optimally, reduce waste as much as possible and increase profitability wherever possible. Or simply put, embrace the lean ideology. More over this deep view of business enables the continuous improvement of processes as data accumulation just improves pattern identification.


A 360 degree field of view in the sense of business makes you quick on your feet and more proactive (rather than reactive). At the end of the day in order to be that “out of the box” thinking organization, its supremely important to reduce fragmentation of systems, data and response time to events. New age business solutions like CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence tools are developed precisely for this, to help you gain far and wide 360 degree view of your business environment.

This is where Evomatiq Business Solutions LLC comes into the picture. We are a boutique and lithe information technology advisory company based out of Dubai with a core focus and expertise in matching businesses to the right solution to get them the 360 degree field of view of their business. Want to know more? Cool, just drop us a line and it's that easy :)


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