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Rahul Yadav17 Jun 20232 min read

Monitor & Improve Sage X3 Performace with AIOBENCH

Preventive maintenance is the best form of maintenance.
Efficiency is vital for critical processes handled by Sage X3. Using the AIOBENCH tool, you can measure and keep track of Sage X3’s performance on your infrastructure.

Scheduled checks like this are crucial to maintaining a high quality of service to all departments of your organisation.

AIOBENCH simulates increased load on the deployment environment by running an increased volume of test databases and tables queries. At the end of the load simulation, the tool will generate a rating score representing the current performance state.

Class Legacy Index Metering
Single-Tier (DB & Runtime) Multi-Tier (DB & Runtime)
Excellent: Ideal for Mission Critical Processes

< 80 seconds

< 120 seconds

80 to 120 seconds

120 to 200 seconds

Fair, Good performance, even with some lag.

120 to 200 seconds

180 to 300 seconds

Par; Can make do however latency is present

200 to 400 seconds

300 to 600 seconds

Subpar; too much latency, max time between query and results. Needs to be checked by your IT team immediately

400 to 800 seconds

600 to 1200 seconds


More than 800 seconds


More than 1200 secon


Running the AIOBENCH

A quick word of caution, please make sure you have necessary backups in place before you follow this post any further. The rule of thumb is; if you aren't confident running a process then don't run it. If you need any assistance in this, consider contacting us. Now let's continue.

This benchmark tool needs to be executed against the "X3" folder.

  • It's better to run this tool on a quiet system (e.g. no interactive users or batch jobs running) in order to get a meaningful result
  • This tool tests X3 core between runtime and DB only, there is no interaction with Syracuse, MongoDB nor Elastic Search or any other SAGE X3 Component

Version 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11

  • Note: ZX3IOBENCH_V2 is for V6 or older. ZX3IOBENCH_V2.6 Is for V7 and later
  • You can comment out the adxftl = line if you are in a V6 environment prior to P29 where adxftl is forced.

  1. Attached is the performance measurement tool for Sage X3.
  2. Copy the attached file to your X3\TRT directory.
  3. Switch to X3 folder.
  4. Open (ADOTRT) Development, Scripts dictionary, Scripts, Script editor.
  5. Open the script.
  6. Click Compile.
  7. Open (EXETRT) Development, Utilities, Miscellaneous, Run processes.
  8. Enter the script name.
  9. Click OK.
  10. The script would run and you can compare the legacy timing at the end of the produced log.

Version 12 up to and including patch 24

  1. Login as an ADMIN user and connect to X3 folder
  2. Navigate to Development, Miscellaneous, Run Processes
  3. Script: enter "AIOBENCH" and "OK" to continue
  4. A report will be presented once the process has completed

Version 12 patch 25 and above

  1. Login as an ADMIN user
  2. Navigate to Development, Utilities, Verifications, Performance Index (AIOBENCH)
  3. Click "Execution" and "Yes" to continue
  4. A report will be presented once the process has completed

Version 12 patch 26 (2021R2)

See the Related Resources for Hotfixes to install on v12 patch 26 (2021R2)

  • Download Hotfix for Sage X3 v12.0.26 Performance Measurement Tool (AIOBENCH)
  • Download Hotfix for Sage X3 Warehousing v12.0.26 Performance Measurement Tool (AIOBENCH)