Sage 300 People – Release Notes

Sage 300 People is an integrated payroll, HR and self-service solution that increases productivity and drives growth. Sage 300 People is developed specifically for large companies that need detailed and complex functionalities. It's an agile, cost-effective solution with world-class capabilities.

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Sage 300 People – System Health Check

It is always a good idea to conduct preventive checkups regularly. The System Health Checks inform users of issues as well as display system health information. 

The following message types exist:

    • Information message (Green check icon)
    • Warning message (Exclamation icon)
    • Error message (Red cross icon)

Here are some system messages, their meaning and ways to mitigate them. Before you try any DIY solution please make sure that you have proper back ups in place. If there are any doubts, get support.

ALF Test Environment

A script is needed to change the system’s ALF test environment to Live environment.  Please contact the Sage 300 People support desk.

ALF Code Expired

The message means you are operating outside of your License Agreement and need a new ALF code.
For more detail please click here


The message means your scheduled services that send information from and to Sage 300 People system and WebSS is not running. Click here for a guide on how to Restart Scheduler.

Travel & Company Vehicle

Travel Allowances and Company Vehicle Fringe Benefits may not be taxed at 100%.  For a solution on how to make the changes to your system click here. 

Retirement Fund

This message indicates your retirement fund setup is incomplete and may lead to incorrect tax implications for employees. Click here to navigate to a retirement Reform Setup Checklist.

Pay Runs

Errors in roll-over may occur and lead to the ‘No Employee Pay Periods Defined’ error, Click here to navigate to a guide to resolve the error.

Invalid Payslip

Errors in roll-over may occur and lead to employee's with invalid Payslips, to correct the error a script needs to be run in your database.  Please contact the Sage 300 People support desk to arrange a backup for testing.

This article was originally posted on Sage’s Knowledge base. The original post can be found here.

How to run them?

Audits are a regular activity undertaken by businesses to measure the difference if at all between projections and actuals.

Here is how you can get on with this audit.

  1. Expand System Tools
  2. Select Audit
  3. Select Audit Detail
  4. Status should be C – Created, A – Acknowledged, I – Investigation
  5. Table Name should be – Payroll Analysis Layout
  6. Select the Date Range you want the selection for the Audit

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Employee Management – How to adjust Leave Balances for Employees

This guide will help you to adjust an employee’s leave balances within the Sage 300 People system.

Employee’s Leave Balances for the current period can be adjusted manually on the employee’s Leave Detail screen or by means of a batch.

From the Main Navigation pane:

Expand Employee Management, Double click on Employees, Select applicable Employee and Click on Leave Detail. When you need to adjust the leave balances, click in the Adjustment column and enter the applicable value. A positive value will increase the leave balance carried forward and a negative value will decrease the leave balance carried forward.

Balance Brought Forward + Adjustment + Accrued this Period – Taken this Period = Balance Carried Forward

If you refer to the print screen above MD Annual leave balance this period is 5.25 + 2.00 + 1.75 – 0.00 = 9.00

Click on Save.

You can run a User Defined Batch should you need to update leave balances in bulk. This is a time-saving utility that allows you to do leave adjustment input for a number of employees without going to each employee’s screen individually.

From the Main Navigation pane:

Expand Employee Leave
Expand the applicable Leave Definition
Double click on Adjustment

If you have doubts or need help, get in touch with us today.

Sage 300 People: How to set Web Self Service – Password Protected Payslip Print

Password protection is available for the payslip functionality on Self Service. If you download or email your payslip from ESS, the system will request a unique password to be entered for the specific payslip.

Here is how to set it up

The password is not mandatory, and ‘No’ can be selected should you not require a password to be added to the payslip. If no password is added the payslip can be viewed without entering a password.

Click Yes if you would like to protect your payslip with a password

If you add a password to the specific payslip download or email, then this password will be requested each time this payslip is opened. Should you forget your password you can download or email the payslip again and enter a new password.

When the Payslip is opened the system will request a password before the payslip can be opened.

Enter required Password

Click Submit

Employee Management – Historical Payslip Print

Here are the steps you need to take to print history payslips on Sage 300 People for an employee.

Expand Employee Management Double-click History Payslips > Select History Period for the relevant Company Rule > Click Search > Click on the employee > Click Payslip Detail







To print the payslip for the specific employee for the selected period

Click Print Payslip button










Printing a History Payslip of all employees

Expand Reports > Double-click All Reports > Expand Payroll > Expand Payslip > Select Payslip > Click Open Print Form









Report Selection screen > Click Custom Period > Add Filter on the Company Rule if needed > Add Filter on Pay > Period and select the relevant Pay Period for the selected Company Rule > Click Preview

How to Upgrade Sage 300 People Standalone

Here are the steps for upgrading Sage 300 People Standalone. Sage 300 People is an industry leading human resource management solution, you can get an overview here. Please make sure you have the necessary backups in place before you undertake any of the following steps.

In the Installation Instructions below we are assuming that the Sage 300 People is installed in the C:\Sage\People folder. Sage 300 People Standalone is normally installed on the Standalone Workstations or Remote Desktop Services.

Step 1:

Make a SQL backup of the Live database.

Step 2:

Run the PeopleAppSetup.exe application file on the Sage 300 Remote Desktop Services server. 

Step 3:

The Installation Wizard will open. Select ‘Next’.








Step 4:

The installation will take some time to run. Select ‘Next’ to start the installation of the Sage 300 People Standalone application.







Step 5:

“Completing the Installation Wizard” screen will open. Select ‘Finish’.   If the ‘Run People’ option is ticked the Sage 300 Standalone application will open automatically when ‘Finish’ is selected.







Step 6:

Login with a Sage 300 People Administrator account.







Step 7:

Select ‘Yes’ to upgrade the People SQL database, this will take some time to complete.




Step 8:

The SQL Scripts will be executed for the People database upgrade.







Step 9:

When done, the ‘Update Complete’ screen will display. Select ‘OK’.





Step 10:

Login with a Sage 300 People Administrator account.







Step 11:

The Report layouts will now update and you are done.


Sage 300 People, the Human Resource Specialist


HR managers work around the clock to bring out the best from employees in areas of skills, work ethics, performance, and attitude. The goal of SAGE 300 PEOPLE is to automate the organizational process and help the company improve workflow and employee engagement. To be efficient and on top of the game, an organization requires an automated system that can manage human resources, Payroll, and Employee self-service. Over time an organization’s operations and data become so vast that manual processes would not be able to rise up to the task anymore, which results in bottlenecks. However, Human resources, Payroll, and Self-service should not be a challenge when you deploy SAGE 300 PEOPLE. With SAGE 300 PEOPLE, you have a full suite of solutions that drive HR and payroll operations towards an integrated and secure environment. SAGE 300 PEOPLE comes with specialized functions and features that can enable you to automate processes and have a single source of data truth. It allows businesses to maximize their employee potential, keeps them engaged, happy, and productive.

SAGE 300 PEOPLE, takes a holistic view of employee pay-slips, ESS functions, and HR functions such as time attendance, tracking developmental process, leave application, talent management, and so much more. Furthermore, using the right ERP, such as SAGE 300 ERP, allows an organization to plan through intelligent insights and helps the company become more profitable. 

Compatibility of SAGE 300 and SAGE 300 PEOPLE

SAGE 300 PEOPLE is a robust system that comes readily integrated with SAGE 300 ERP. However, SAGE 300 PEOPLE can be deployed as a standalone system. The product is a 2-tier ERP meaning its database can reside in a different location. The applications are compatible with a range of operating systems and specifications. Its lightweight build ensures it consumes limited computer resources and is compatible with a wide range of hardware.

Furthermore, it is highly compatible with third-party applications for organizations that want to connect it to their legacy systems / third party integration for enhancement. System compatibility is a significant factor to consider when implementing an HRMS. But if your choice of HRMS deployment is SAGE 300 PEOPLE, then you do not have to worry about compatibility issues. The architecture is well structured to accommodate a range of third-party plug-ins and operating systems to help organizations become dynamic and robust in their operations. Small, medium, and large enterprises can easily deploy SAGE 300 PEOPLE for use in its operations.

Deployment Environments

SAGE 300 PEOPLE is fully cloud compatible, at the same time it can be deployed on premise on Windows Server too. SAGE products are rigorously tested on be backward compatible with Microsoft Servers to ensure that users can deploy and run SAGE 300 and SAGE 300 PEOPLE without issues.  SAGE carries out compatibility testing and evaluates its applications on new operating systems once they are ready for the final release. If an area of incompatibility is found, SAGE will develop updates and patches to ensure 100% compatibility. Lately, SAGE has also developed its module to be compatible with a range of virtual environments such as Hyper-V virtual environments, VMware, and word processors.

Database Servers

SAGE 300 PEOPLE is highly compatible with market leading database technologies and applications, including Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017. It is also compatible with all versions of Windows Server (2012 R2, 2016, and 2019). Furthermore, SAGE 300 and SAGE 300 PEOPLE are compatible with other versions of SQL, Oracle database and so much more

Thanks to SAGE’s memory management design optimizations, RAM resources are adequately managed in all deployed environments, thereby allowing other applications to run smoothly and concurrently in the system. SAGE understands memory allocation very well, and it implements various memory allocation strategies to ensure the smooth deployment and operation of its applications.

Application server and workstation compatibility

SAGE 300 PEOPLE provides a range of support for workstations and application servers. It also provides support and compatibility for terminal servers, Citrix XenApp, web screens, windows 7 (SP1) workstations, Windows 10 Enterprise, professional and ultimate versions of workstations. However, the product supports 64-bit versions of application servers.

Integrated payroll, HR and Employee self-service (ESS) of SAGE 300 PEOPLE

SAGE 300 PEOPLE is a dynamic all in one system that brings about innovation, dynamism, and cost-effectiveness for organizations. It effortlessly powers organizations to achieve their Human resources and payroll functions, and it comes with a state-of-the-art architecture, which enables it to accommodate various functions and workflows. It ensures speed in operations, provides scalability, security, and real-time monitoring. With its robust modules and sub-modules, employees can effectively track activities and manage their administration. They can apply for leave, print pay-slips, develop a workflow through the system, manage claims, view personal details, reviews, and so much more. This would ensure that time is freed up for the Human resource managers and allow them to focus on high-level activities. Line managers can carry out periodic reviews through the system, evaluate job completion, and seamlessly manage projects.

HR and Employee Self Service

The HR and Employee self-service module of SAGE 300 PEOPLE is highly robust, agile, and cost-effective. Your business would gain a lot of scalability and cost savings through this module. It’s easy to understand/use and requires minimal training to get started. Its security is next to none, and modules are completely encapsulated against data breaches.

Advantages of the HR and Employee self-service

If you want to empower your employee and give them the freedom and power to manage themselves, SAGE 300 PEOPLE is the answer. With self-service, HR capabilities employees can work to their full potential and manage almost everything that relates to them. This can free up space for managers and line managers and help businesses become more productive and dynamic. With this module, managers can make better decisions, gain more organizational insight, forecast, and ultimately –become more productive.

Helps everyone Stay in control– The module is scalable and can help organizations steer the business through various growth phases. You can add resources as the operations become wider, thereby giving you security, cost-effectiveness, compliance, and stability.

SAGE 300 PEOPLE Payroll Features

Payslips automation: SAGE 300 PEOPLE can consolidate multiple pay-slips per pay period for a single printable pay-slip for all employees. Individuals can access their pay-slips whenever they want. It automatically calculates deductions and pro-rata earnings for every staff based on the start date and termination date. The payroll Module of SAGE 300 PEOPLE is boundless and provides accounts for an unlimited company in the organization. It can help organizations automate and configure pay periods, unlimited definitions for earning, deduction, fringe benefits, contributions, and so much more.

Furthermore, it provides regular updates of statutory legislation to ensure absolute financial compliance with every jurisdiction. It calculates wages, net pays, salaries, and recalls history for each period. Lastly, it comes with enhanced security features, ensures user authentication, and provides robust and accurate audit systems. SAGE 300 PEOPLE flags pay-slips to display effects on BCEA and OID.

Employee Management: The employee self-management is a robust module that can help organizations carry out the following

  • Create new employee on the system and on-boarding
  • Carry out terminate with a range of built-in checklists
  • Create multiple records for a single employee
  • Tie employee and organizational documents to various records in the system
  • Move employees between companies, locations, and policies using the transfer wizard.
  • Employee content management
  • Document upload and database storage
  • Provision of a secure backup system
  • Create unlimited company/management
  • Develop multiple payment circles for each company
  • Create multiple databases for organizations
  • Display any pay period at least two years in advance
  • Advanced leave management capability
  • Provide efficient Remuneration structure
  • Automatically monitor sick leave rule
  • Create different pay-slip formats for employees, companies, and groups
  • Report generation and management
  • Customize and export reports to various formats such as MS Excel, or send as email attachments
  • Auditing functionalities
  • It reduces administrative cost
  • Employees are happier and contented
  • ESS empowers managers and encourages autonomy in the organization.
  • ESS reduces admin bottleneck
  • It facilitates transparency
  • It greatly reduces errors in operations.

Employee self-service features

Organizations can take advantage of SAGE 300 PEOPLE ESS features and functionalities to drive their business growth. Employees can seamlessly manage their own administration and free up space for managers and line managers.

The ESS features of SAGE 300 PEOPLE can allow employees to apply for leave at their convenience, manage personal details, manage claims, view and print pay-slips, develop a workflow, and review their performance. These futures can greatly enhance productivity and save organizations a lot of costs. The ESS feature comes with intelligent dashboard and audit systems that record activities of every employee thereby making them accountable for their actions

SAGE 300 PEOPLE HR Features

This module is structured to driving in line with systematic HR processes. It is readily available, accessible, and easy to use with minimal training and supervision. Files and documents can easily be attached to the database and help preserve organizational memory.

It enables executives and managers to easily access data and operations in real-time across various geographical locations and time. It also comes with robust reporting features in a unique interface that allows for customization and exporting of reports to various formats and email. Here are the most relevant features of the HR module in SAGE 300 PEOPLE

  • Executives and managers can carry out performance reviews, access employee records, and print reports.
  • Management of Job positions with the Job management module of SAGE 300 PEOPLE. It seamlessly captures information that relates to a specific job and makes it accessible in a simple format.
  • Management of transactions and employee profile
  • Management of medical history, development path, experience and so much more
  • Employee equity management and generation of department sanctioned reports.
  • Skills acquisition, talent management, monitoring and development capabilities
  • Employee performance management and reviews

How ESS adds value to the employee and the company

Managers and executives face an incredible amount of challenges to achieve organizational efficiency. This is because people and resources need to be managed on a day to day basis as it relates to human resource management. Without an effective HR management strategy and a system to execute it, maximum efficiency is hard to achieve. When efficiency matters, businesses can rely on the SAGE 300 PEOPLE ESS module to add value towards streamlining organizational processes.

In most instances, the HR department is loaded with thousands of documents to manage. The burden of this can greatly result in errors, loss of data, and diminished employee engagements. The self-management system can greatly reduce operational time, improve efficiency, and save cost. It is an employee-centric module which is targeted at enhancing employee productivity. SAGE 300 PEOPLE can be cloud-deployed, and the entire organization can benefit from it because HR operations can be carried out in various geographical offices, people can work on the go, and reports can be generated with a simple click. This would lead to better employee engagement, help reduce employee turnover, and attract top talents to the organization. The ESS module is vital and should be embraced by every business to build a stronger organization.

The DIY, Employee Self Service Module in SAGE 300 People

SAGE is one of the pioneers of Employee self-service in the ERP sector. It enables employees to manage their day to day HR management with a DIY approach. The ESS gives access to certain key details pertaining to the staff and employees can log on by themselves from the office, at home or on the go to access their secured information. Through the technological breakthrough of robust data encryption, encapsulation, and cloud deployment, employees can carry out a lot of tasks all by themselves. They can apply for leave, download training materials, book training sessions, access their pay-slips, and share permissible information to improve collaboration.

Features of Employee Self Service

  • Fast submission of safety hazards & incidents which can greatly save life’s and cost
  • Completing employee performance appraisals online
  • Tracking & updating their development roadmap by line managers
  • Recognizing employees for positive behavior
  • Managing time tracking of employees
  • Tracking employee location and activities
  • Uploading performance review worksheets
  • The ESS systems facilitate access to HR updates and news
  • Streamline submission of electronic timesheet
  • Identifying and contacting other colleagues in the organizations through the telephone and email directory

Key features and Functions of SAGE 300 PEOPLE

Organizations can be at ease and become more profitable when SAGE 300 PEOPLE is deployed. The application takes away bottlenecks and helps drive payroll and Human resources in an all in one robust interface and database. No matter what your needs or challenges are, SAGE 300 PEOPLE can help organizations remain competitive and effective in operations.

The application is widely trusted with over 6.1 million users across 5 continents, and it provides specialized functions for various industries. It is simple to use, and reports can be generated with multiple filters when needed. 

  • Payroll –The payroll features can enable various organizations to configure payment periods in a hierarchical form. It is compliant with various geographical legislations, customizable, and scalable. The accounts department of an organization would be able to affect deductions, earnings, fringe benefits, and so much more. The report can be drawn, a full history of every period is stored individually and can be recalled at any time. SAGE 300 PEOPLE comes with an intuitive, easy to use graphical user interface and payroll solution that can eliminate the need for legacy systems and manual payroll systems. It provides simple data capture capabilities and also embeds legislation into the software. Furthermore, as a way of ensuring security compliance it uses MS Active Directory for user authentication and every action is recorded to enable seamless audit
  • Job Management – SAGE 300 PEOPLE, brings together all jobs and information in a unified environment. It provides a single source of truth and enables line managers to track and record every detail of the job. Employees can locate their tasks with a simple click; it sends automated reminders and provides seamless job workflows. SAGE 300 PEOPLE encompasses a state-of-the-art task manager that can enable managers to allocate tasks and allow employees to become much more efficient. It seamlessly manages Job Definition, competency management, along with management of current and vacant job positions, etc.

  • Leave management – SAGE 300 PEOPLE’s automated leave management system practically runs itself, freeing up space for the HR managers and line managers. Employees can conveniently apply for leave from the comfort of their desk; it provides space to leave documents to be imported and can help organizations completely manage leave for the calendar year. With SAGE 300 PEOPLE one can create and manage multiple leave types such as leave provision, Succession, planning, etc

  • Skill-map – SAGE 300 PEOPLE provides effective tracking right from the start of the employee life circle to the end of it. From recruitment to the hiring process, employee progression it manages everything. It provides end to end recruitment, job board, and talent tracking.

  • Employee Self-service – SAGE 300 PEOPLE allows the workforce to get what they need when they need it and how they need it. This has enabled a lot of organizations to save enormous time because they can, on their own, carry out self-training, upload documents, retrieve permissible documents, and track their own progress. Thousands of small, mid-size, and large enterprises use SAGE 300 PEOPLE solution to manage ESS. The ESS module in SAGE 300 PEOPLE is robust and provides self-services for managers and employees. It manages Personal details, starts a workflow, surveys, leaves application management, performance appraisals, etc

  • Human Resource management –SAGE 300 PEOPLE human resource management module allows organizations to manage the various stages of the life circle of employees. It covers disciplinary and grievances, Development and training, robust reports, talent and skills management, etc. Organizations, employees, managers, and stakeholders can have access to multiple information on the go, and it also comes with strong reporting features. Other features include

  • Security – Lately, data compromise has become a rising trend and the reason why SAGE has put up a wide range of measures aimed at protecting organizational information and workflow. SAGE perfectly understands the dangers of a competitor gaining insight into your organizational data; therefore, they ensure to provide a mechanism to mitigate against such scenarios. SAGE 300 PEOPLE employs various security measures along with role-based access that completely prevents illicit access.

Final Notes

SAGE 300 PEOPLE enables businesses to become more productive, efficient, and achieve rapid growth by providing automated functionalities and eliminating silos. It provides a quick working mechanism and efficiently answers to business-critical questions. An ideal HRMS solution must make up part of the everyday organizational tool to help your workforce carry out the best job possible and to promote autonomy.

SAGE 300 PEOPLE focuses on the growth of your employees who are central to the lasting success of your organization. SAGE 300 PEOPLE gives a clear insight into the employee’s progress, daily activities, saving time, and finances for the organization. SAGE 300 PEOPLE uses the latest cutting edge technologies and security protocols to deliver an unmatched functionality. It provides visibility, intelligence, streamlined workflow, and efficiency to every aspect of an organization. 

Streamline and automate your business processes and empower your employees every step of the way with the SAGE 300 PEOPLE.