Employee Management – How to adjust Leave Balances for Employees

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This guide will help you to adjust an employee's leave balances within the Sage 300 People system.

Employee's Leave Balances for the current period can be adjusted manually on the employee's Leave Detail screen or by means of a batch.

From the Main Navigation pane:

Expand Employee Management, Double click on Employees, Select applicable Employee and Click on Leave Detail. When you need to adjust the leave balances, click in the Adjustment column and enter the applicable value. A positive value will increase the leave balance carried forward and a negative value will decrease the leave balance carried forward.

Balance Brought Forward + Adjustment + Accrued this Period - Taken this Period = Balance Carried Forward

If you refer to the print screen above MD Annual leave balance this period is 5.25 + 2.00 + 1.75 - 0.00 = 9.00

Click on Save.

You can run a User Defined Batch should you need to update leave balances in bulk. This is a time-saving utility that allows you to do leave adjustment input for a number of employees without going to each employee’s screen individually.

From the Main Navigation pane:

Expand Employee Leave
Expand the applicable Leave Definition
Double click on Adjustment

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