Inventory, Order Entry: ‘An error occurred while processing this transaction! [SPE07] Error [PE01]: Posted Session out of balance! All processing was rolled back.’ error

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This article will help you deal with error [PE01] in Sage 200 Evolution. When you encounter this error, you will see this message.

How to Resolve this error?

We assume that by now you have a robust backup process in place. Implementing any fix without proper backup in place in risky. Get in touch with us it you aren't sure of backups. 

The following steps explain how to resolve the above mentioned query:

1. Go to Maintenance | Inventory | Transaction Types.
2. Ensure that the INV (Invoice) and IS (Issue Stock) transaction types (or relevant  transaction type) have both valid debit and credit GL accounts selected.
3. Also ensure that where Inventory / Customer / Supplier Groups are used, that  relevant valid GL accounts are also used in these records.
4. Save all changes and then reprocess the source document

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