2019 Sage 300 ERP Overview

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Sage 300 ERP

Developed and serviced by the Newcastle, UK, head quartered Sage Software PLC, Sage 300 is a robust, market validated, and mature business management software focused at delivering higher, organization wide efficiency with consistency. Sage 300 ERP comes with a host of  modules (covered a bit later), to manage business processes with ease. Sage Software PLC services over 3 million customers all over the globe.

Average Rating

Based on customer reviews, partner availability, service performance and verticals served, Sage 300 enjoys a crisp 4/5 stars in our books. 

Best match for Sage 300

Sage 300 ERP is a massive hit with small and medium businesses, scalable from a start-up to an established, process mature organization. In order to keep the cost of deployment low, Sage 300 was developed to encompass certain industry specific feature right out of the box for verticals like, manufacturing, services and distribution.

If you are a business with up to 1,000 employees and you’d really like to have a business management suite that scales up as you grow, than Sage 300 ERP is the choice for you.


Sage 300 ERP comes loaded with features that helps businesses manage their business across multiple locations. All this without the cost/complexity of similar products out there.

Some salient features brought to the game by Sage 300 ERP 

  • Mobile Access
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-company management
  • Workflow and process tools
  • Custom fields
  • User dashboards
  • Reporting /Reporting

sage 300 erp

Apart from the features mentioned above, the customization allows Sage 300 ERP to attain a bespoke fit for the business. Customization takes shape in the form of reports, application screen, custom processes and integration with 3rd party systems.

Caveat Emptor

If you are considering this, or any other business management solution for your organization there are a few things that we’d like you to consider and keep at the back of your mind during your buying cycle:

  • Any solution is only as good as its implementation. You can spend a fortune on a world class system and still not get its full potential of benefits. 
  • Staff training is just as critical as the system you choose. 
  • You think support plans are unnecessary, you are dead wrong. 

If you want to get some closer insight on the best deployment cycle for an ERP, read our article on it here.

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