Sage 300 People; how to take SQL database backup?

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Here is a step by step checklist to help you take the DB backup of your Sage 300 People installation. Please note, you will need access to SQL login credentials for this. Also, if this is your first time, keep our contact details handy, just in case.

Step 1: Open SQL Server Management Studio.

Step 2: Complete SQL Login credentials.

Step 3: Expand Databases and select the database that you want to backup.

Step 4: Right-click on the Database you wish to backup

Step 5: Select Tasks, make sure the backup type is set to full, set to disk and then Back Up

Step 6: Click Remove and then Add.

Step 7: Click the Browse button to select a required backup location and add a Backup name.

Step 8: Complete the backup by pressing the Ok button

If the backup is successful, you will see the notification.

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