Sage X3 V11 Architecture and System Requirements Guide

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Hardware specifications for Sage X3 V11 and Architecture / Architectural and System Requirements Guide

Once an architecture guide is released there is no further testing to certify any updates beyond that point. The architecture guides do not get updated. To see updated information, refer to online help, preferably from the latest version of Sage X3 available.

For example, under v12, this is found by going into Technical help, Upgrade, public technical help, and Prerequisites overview. This will show updated information for v12, as well as prior versions. If you have access to other lower versions of Sage EM, the information may not be up to date, and will be titled differently, but can generally be found under the Technical help area.

v12 example screenshot (up to date as of January 9, 2019)

Click here for downloading the Architecture guide for Sage X3 V11

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