CashPundit is multi-award-winning Cloud based cashflow management software developed by veteran accounting professionals. CashPundit is simple to use but feature rich tool that seamlessly connects with your accounting or ERP software and extracts all the information needed for building your cashflow models. On top of that it allows to capture Post-dated cheques, record promised payments, store sales forecast and input purchase commitments. Considering all this information, CashPundit shows you realistic cashflow projections that accounting or ERP software can’t.


Helps Improve Cash Inflow

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CashPundit offers features & functionality in one of its kind, Cashflow Management Software. It imports your invoicing data from accounting system and build cashflow projections automatically. Reminds users to follow and send automatic emails to customers reminding due dates for payment. When you adopt CashPundit, you never to worry about delayed payments.

Reduces Administrative Workload

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Do you spend hours just to follow up on single customer payment and keep records of it? CashPundit can help you save precious time by centralizing all outstanding invoices, historical communications and keep tracking promised dates. Besides you get analysis of payment trends.

Reduces Risk of Bad Debts

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Don’t let your hard-earned money turn into bad debts. CashPundit helps you keep tab on every single outstanding invoice and never let it slip out from follow ups.

Helps Control Spending

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Create budgets and track cash outflow to effectively spend cash at hand. CashPundit sync with your ERP to update supplier invoices and their due dates. Schedule payments based on due dates and ensure suppliers don’t get paid twice.

Helps Utilize Working Capital Effectively

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CashPundit delivers real time insights about cash position so that your business can effectively utilize your working capital. CashPundit will help you simplify decision making about investing in Assets or prioritizing reduce liabilities.

Customers Talk About CashPundit

When we first looked at Sage , it came across as very intuitive and simple to use. This was really important because such things as running payroll was completely new to us.


When we first looked at Sage , it came across as very intuitive and simple to use. This was really important because such things as running payroll was completely new to us.



Sales Forecast & Budgets

Create Sales & Purchase forecast right within CashPundit to analyze future cashflow projections. CashPundit will help you track actuals against budgets.

Collection Reminders

Never miss a payment follow ups. CashPundit reminds you whenever invoice is due so that you can follow up quickly and get paid faster.

PDC Management

Your accounting software doesn’t keep track of PDCs? CashPundit has got you covered. PDC’s are taken into considerations while preparing cashflow projections.

Communication History

Keep all follow up comments, promised dates & communication within CashPundit so you don’t have to search through emails for what was communicated last.

ERP Integrations

No matter, which accounting or ERP software you use, CashPundit works for your business. Integrated with most popular ERPs out of the box, CashPundit offers flexible APIs to connect with other Softwares.

Role Management

Show only what’s needed to specific users. Set up hierarchies to track cash inflow by regions, territories, division or salesperson.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

CashPundit is built on secure cloud infrastructure so you get to see your cashflow positions from anywhere and on any device. CashPundit delivers true SaaS experience.

PDF & Excel Export

Still prefer to view and format reports in Excel or PDF? Worry not, CashPundit let you export data in various file formats so that you can further process it for better decision making

Reporting & Dashboards

Get snapshot of everything related to Cashflow right in front of you when you login to CashPundit. Generate comprehensive reports to analyze cash positions in detail.


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