Granite Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a leader in small and medium business Warehousing solutions, focused on integration with SAGE 300. It is simple to implement, simple to use, incredibly powerful and uses the best technology available to make it scalable, easy to maintain and support. It is currently implemented in over 100 sites located in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, the UK, UAE and North America


Snug and flexible fit

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Granite WMS helps companies manage their warehouses. Granite WMS is designed to work with a wide range of industry verticals without any compromise. Boost your ability to deliver goods rapidly and effectively from your warehouse. Granite WMS is an agile, barcode driven warehouse execution and management system that can be implemented rapidly and does not cost more than a safe family car.

Ease of use

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User friendly, easy to train and forgiving, Granite WMS is easy to use for all user levels, both in the management and for the users on the floor (with minimal literacy levels).

Identification Labelling

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The essence of a warehouse implementation is accurate identification. It immediately provides a return in accuracy and discipline. Granite embraces this fully. The leading barcode labelling software, BARTENDER from Seagull Scientific, is included in the GRANITE package. This allows one to customize the label layout for each site.

Uses Mobile RF Scanning

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A WMS System delivers benefit from live and accurate data. It is proven that taking the data capture to the physical work and items improves the accuracy of the process and the speed of the process. Granite WMS is RF (WiFi) ready with integrated barcode scanning.

Customers Talk about Sage 300

When we first looked at Sage , it came across as very intuitive and simple to use. This was really important because such things as running payroll was completely new to us.
When we first looked at Sage , it came across as very intuitive and simple to use. This was really important because such things as running payroll was completely new to us. Dropbox


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