Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides you with a business intelligence solution that is intuitive and simple to use. Businesses like yours benefit from accessing real-time information in a self-sufficient manner. The tight and secure integration of Sage Enterprise Intelligence with your Sage business management solution ensures data integrity and the reliability of critical business information.


Simplifies Reporting

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When you start using Sage One, you’ll never have to rely on spredsheets for preparing your financial reports or analyzing performance. Sage One let you generate insightful reports without hassle of formatting & data processing. It simplifies reporting and saves you time so that you can focus on growing your business.

Keeps your Business VAT Compliant

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Sage Accounting keeps you compliant with latest Tax Regulations. You can create professional looking Tax Invoices, Record Purchase Invoices to track input credit, generate Tax Summary Reports and be always ready for compliance audits. Sage Accounting keeps your records safe in cloud, so you never have to worry about data losses.

Flexibility to work Anytime, from Anywhere

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Sage Accounting is always available on your desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile through secure cloud platform. You can choose to work anytime, from anywhere and stay on top of your game. You get access to same information across all devices.

Colloborate & Share, Securely

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Sage accounting is built on safe & secure cloud platform that allows you to collaborate with your accountant right from the software itself. Invite your accountant work within your Sage Accounting workspace and avoid hassle of communications. Your accountant can review transactions, generate financial statements & update books as needed.

Freedom of working from anywhere and on any device

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What customers say about Sage Enterprise Intelligence

When we first looked at Sage , it came across as very intuitive and simple to use. This was really important because such things as running payroll was completely new to us.


When we first looked at Sage , it came across as very intuitive and simple to use. This was really important because such things as running payroll was completely new to us.



Intuitive Dashboards

Create stunning dashboards with real time data fetched from your Sage ERP or legacy software. Interactive dashboard allows to drill down underlining information with ease.


Never miss critical updates about your business. Now same powerful functionality of SEI in your hands. SEI runs fluidly on native mobile apps available on major mobile OS platforms.


Sage Enterprise Intelligence is built on OLAP technology & support complex calculations that helps in predictive analysis and limitless reporting.

Ease of Use

SEI empowers all users with a simple tool to access and analyze data in a self-sufficient manner, which eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialized skills.

ERP Integration

Integrated out-of-the-box with Sage ERP Solutions, SEI is quick to implement. Thanks to predefined reports & graphs based on Sage ERP data structures.

Data Warehouse

Bring data together from multiple sources and create analytical models. SEI data warehouse allows to process data from various sources so that you can take panoramic view of your business.

Report Distribution

SEI offers automated report distribution via emails. Get daily updates or weekly digests, SEI is flexible in scheduling emails. Further you can choose what format you prefer reports to be delivered in.

Geospatial Analysis

Is your business spread across locations? Get real time analytics from each location in meaningful & interactive map layout. Compare which region or location is performing better.

Data Filters & Groups

Create unlimited filters and groups on your data to make it more useful. Filters and groups allows to slice & dice information to predict future or analyze trends.


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