Trading & Distribution

Trading & Distribution companies play important role in taking products from manufacturers to wholesaler and retailers who eventually takes them to consumers.Evomatiq understands the business process & challenges faced by Trading & Distribution companies to bring innovative & robust solutions to address industry needs.

Verticals we serve

Food Distribution


Electronics Devices

Import & Export

Building Materials

Machinery & Automotive Spare parts

Industry Challenges

Finding new customers & growing new territories

Effectively utilizing working capital

Increasing inventory turnover

Accelerating supply chain process

Maintaining healthy profit margins

Collecting money on time from customer

Solutions & Offerings

Integrated software solution can help trading companies to monitor & optimize all business resources right from inventory, working capital & people. Effective software implementations will result in improved business processes that saves time and increases productivity. It helps in better inventory planning based on immediate and future demand that considers sales forecasts & trends. By providing easy access to information trader will be able to be more responsive to the marketplace and stay ahead of competition. Automated reporting based on single source always presents accurate information that helps in making right decisions.


Hospitality service providers are constantly finding new ways to improve service and offer exceptional guest experience.To serve the guests better, hospitality service providers must adopt new technology solution to integrate various business process and offer seamless experience in the guest journey.

Verticals we serve

Hotel Apartments


Theme Parks

Event planners

Common Challenges

Attracting new customers

Increasing operational efficiency

Improving guest experience

Attracting and retaining talent

Solutions & Offerings

Evomatiq offers end-to-end hospitality solutions right from marketing automation to service management to finance management with its integrated software platforms. Our Softwares can work independently to serve different areas of your business or as cohesive system to automate entire operation.

Professional Services

Professional service companies are constantly under pressure to deliver quality services in faster and economical way. Evomatiq offers solutions to professional service firms that improves productivity of their most important resource, People.

Verticals we serve

IT Consulting & Services

Business Consulting

Law Practice & Legal Services

Financial Services

Media Services

Insurance Services

Design & Architects

Common Challenges

Finding new customers

Completing Projects on time

Reducing administrative workload

Getting paid on time

Attracting & Retaining talent

Solutions & Offerings

As service industry growing, companies are facing increased competition. Integrated CRM, PSA & Financial system can improve business performance significantly in-service industry. CRM system allows to market services & attract new customer through a seamless collaboration of marketing and sales teams. Professional Service Automation [aka PSA] helps to streamline service delivery process, track time spent on particular projects/client, organize information in the central database for easy analysis of business performance. Financial system with revenue recognition capabilities helps in avoiding manual work needed accurately recognizing revenue & allocating costs that ultimately affect bottom-line.


Often working with several subcontractors and vendors, contractors take full responsibility of delivering projects of their clients. To successfully accomplish a project, various resources are utilized e.g. Material, equipment, people etc. Due to the unique nature of this industry, every company has a unique way of executing and delivering projects.

Verticals we serve

Industrial Automation Systems

Security System Integrators

Interior Décor

Landscape Architecture

Automobile - Repair & Maintenance Services

Common Challenges

Accurately estimating project budgets

Finishing project on time

Collecting payments on time from customer

Improving productivity of people

Accurately recognizing revenues & allocating cost to find real profitable projects

Improving internal & external communications

Solutions & Offerings

Evomatiq offers unique solutions to this unique industry. Our Softwares offer various tools to estimate projects, track time and inventory consumption, manage subcontractors, track equipment utilization & allocate overheads automatically to projects. Base on this you will be able to track project progress, the value of work in progress, create bills when milestones are completed and recognize revenue when its due. You get various reports to help you analyze whether projects are heading in the right direction and whether you will making or losing money on it.

Descrete Manufacturing

From simple assembly to fully automated production lines that produces gadgets, automobile parts & heavy machinery, Discreet manufacturing is an integral part of the manufacturing industry worldwide. Evomatiq helps discrete manufacturers with solutions that help in planning, product development, inventory control, distribution, finance & customer management.

Verticals we serve

High Tech

Electronics Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Medical Devices

Metal fabrication

Furniture Manufacturing

Common Challenges

Reducing production costs

Finding new customers

Optimal utilization of production resources

Optimizing inventory

Reducing wastes

Solutions & Offerings

Discrete manufacturers need to be always innovating and bringing quality products to the market. Right from sourcing raw material to maintaining machinery to hiring talent to find new customers, manufacturers have to overcome many challenges in any given business day.

Evomatiq offers integrated ERP & CRM solutions that address common challenges of the industry. Our solutions will help you control inventory & reduce costs, increase sales & utilizing financials resources to improve business performance.

Process manufacturing

4th Industrial revolution has changed the face of manufacturing industry, particularly process manufacturing. From latest technologies to process improvement, manufacturing industry is constantly evolving. Manufacturers must embrace these new trends to stay ahead of competition and create sustainable business infrastructure. Evomatiq is here to support you in adopting cutting edge technology solutions that will not only result immediate improvements in current business processes but also drive your business into the future.

Verticals we serve

Food & Beverage Production




Common Challenges

Staying compliant

Accelerating supply chain

Reducing cost

Reducing wastages

Growing new territories

Solutions & Offerings

Evomatiq offers advanced ERP & Business Intelligence solutions that helps you improve production efficiency, reduce wastage, accelerate supply chain and utilize financial resources effectively.

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