How to resolve the “Calculation Capacity Exceeded” error?

Sometimes while rendering reports, eg Trial Balance you may come across “Calculation Capacity Exceeded” error. This error may only affect some accounts over a specific error.


This error is almost always thrown when a value / transaction that overflows the maximum values supported by the Crystal Reports Print Engine.

For example, a journal entry posted for 59 trillion dollars (21 digits long) to fields AMT1, AMT2, and AMT3 on the TMPBLA will throw this particular error as the table are set up to  not allow any value greater than 9,999,999.99.


Before you move ahead with this or for that matter any other fix, make sure you are adequately backed up.

Please note that this fix requires knowledge and experience in changing tables and should only be carried out by someone who is certified to work on Sage systems or is a Sage X3 Developer.

Change the length values on the AMT1, AMT2, and AMT3 from 9.2 to 12.2 (This will allow values up to 9,999,999,999.99)