Sage X3 Life-cycle Policy

The Sage X3 Life-cycle Policy is designed to provide consistent and predictable guidelines on the availability of maintenance of Sage X3 versions. This policy document outlines how long each version of Sage X3 will be covered by maintenance support, allowing you to effectively plan your software investment and avoid any gaps in support.

  • This policy applies globally to Sage X3.
  • This policy applies to all Sage X3 versions up to and including Version 11, and Sage X3 Version 12 on wards.
  • This policy excludes solutions that are supplementary to Sage X3 such as third-party products and services, or embedded components.

What is a life-cycle policy?

A life-cycle policy formalizes a software vendors procedure of withdrawing maintenance support for software versions that are behind the latest release.

The Sage X3 life-cycle policy specifies how long maintenance support will be available for a release of Sage X3, from when the product is available for purchase to when it reaches the end of maintenance date. It is designed to provide consistent and predictable guidelines on maintenance support of Sage X3 versions throughout the life of the product. Click Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy for downloading the detailed Sage X3 product policy by Sage.