How to Upgrade Sage 300 People Standalone

Here are the steps for upgrading Sage 300 People Standalone. Sage 300 People is an industry leading human resource management solution, you can get an overview here. Please make sure you have the necessary backups in place before you undertake any of the following steps.

In the Installation Instructions below we are assuming that the Sage 300 People is installed in the C:\Sage\People folder. Sage 300 People Standalone is normally installed on the Standalone Workstations or Remote Desktop Services.

Step 1:

Make a SQL backup of the Live database.

Step 2:

Run the PeopleAppSetup.exe application file on the Sage 300 Remote Desktop Services server. 

Step 3:

The Installation Wizard will open. Select ‘Next’.








Step 4:

The installation will take some time to run. Select ‘Next’ to start the installation of the Sage 300 People Standalone application.







Step 5:

“Completing the Installation Wizard” screen will open. Select ‘Finish’.   If the ‘Run People’ option is ticked the Sage 300 Standalone application will open automatically when ‘Finish’ is selected.







Step 6:

Login with a Sage 300 People Administrator account.







Step 7:

Select ‘Yes’ to upgrade the People SQL database, this will take some time to complete.




Step 8:

The SQL Scripts will be executed for the People database upgrade.







Step 9:

When done, the ‘Update Complete’ screen will display. Select ‘OK’.





Step 10:

Login with a Sage 300 People Administrator account.







Step 11:

The Report layouts will now update and you are done.