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Business systems should work for you and not the other way around, at Evomatiq, this is our absolute belief. Leveraging on our 25+ years of experience in system implementation, we deconstruct every process of your business, understand the people who will use it and above everything else, we take into account the goals of your business. After this, the process turns to future proofing your investment. We identify the features/functionalities that your business may need in the future.

With all the details collected Evomatiq presents you with products which are not only the best fit for your business but will also serve you for a long time to come.

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A good idea is 10% inspiration and 90% implementation” – Guy Kawasaki

We have found this quote to be true for all the work that we have ever done. Any system, regardless of its brand, is only as good as its implementation. A tight-fitting implementation almost always comes from a detailed and proper understanding of all the processes and process flows.

Our teams at Evomatiq lead implementations with intense rounds of information gathering to understand and document business processes. This documentation is used to create, and map process flows in the system being implemented, this ensures a snug fit and eliminates the possibilities of bloated processes.

Proper implementation makes sure that the handing over and the staff training is as smooth and quick, with minimum impact on your operations.

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Best in class business systems need the best in class support to juice the system to its fullest.

Businesses are increasingly operating for extended periods in the day, some even 24 hours. Working with such an extreme pace, issues and downtime is an eventuality. Evomatiq’s support plans are designed to make sure that the downtime is as minimal with little or no effect on your business operations.

Choose from our 3 different support plans to meet your requirements or contact us for a customized support plan for your business’s needs.

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Project Recovery

Many times, ill-planned implementations and botched attempts to implement a system without detailed business process studies result in a system that is ineffective and makes existing processes difficult to execute.

At Evomatiq, we don’t like to go after the symptoms but address the root cause of the problem. A thorough study of the processes is undertaken to ensure that all the processes are correct and if there are improvements that can be implemented. After this, we dive into the technical aspect of the platforms the system is running on. Once all the due diligence is done we hand over to you a born-again system to handle all the workload like a champ.

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